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As a pre-requisite drug and alcohol test is a standard requirement for several workplaces. While emphasizing the importance of drug testing, it comes to mind: what would happen if you, as a CDL driver, tested positive, failed, or refused a drug test? Will you be set back from your job or be arrested? This resource will shed some light on some of the doubts and questions you may have in your mind.

What is a DOT drug test?

A DOT drug test is a drug test required by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for safety-sensitive employees in specific industries, such as commercial truck and bus drivers, airline pilots, and railroad employees. The DOT drug test is designed to detect the use of drugs that could impair an employee's ability to perform their job safely, including illegal drugs and certain prescription medications.

What makes you fail a drug test?

Being tested positive for using drugs (illegal drugs, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medications, tampering with or contaminating the sample can result in a failed DOT drug test.

Another reason can be a refusal to test. If a CDL driver fails to appear for or refuses to take a drug test, the license will be automatically suspended by the US state, and the driver will be ineligible to drive a commercial vehicle until the matter is resolved.

Note: Sometimes there is a false positive drug test, after consulting with MRO (Medical Review Officer), you can request a retest within 72 hours of receiving a positive result.

What happens if you fail a DOT drug test?

  • Immediate suspension from safety-sensitive duties
  • Removal from the workplace or termination of employment
  • Referral to a substance abuse professional (SAP) for evaluation and treatment
  • Completion of a substance abuse treatment program as recommended by the SAP
  • Passing a return-to-duty drug test before being allowed to resume safety-sensitive duties
  • Follow-up testing for some time as determined by the SAP, including random drug testing and regular check-ins with the SAP

Failed drug test will be recorded on your file

It's essential to understand that any instance of a failed drug test or refusal to take the test will be documented in the FMCSA Clearinghouse database.

How long does a failed dot drug test stay on record?

These records will remain in the database until you complete the return-to-duty program and five years have passed since the violation.

To ensure compliance, employers must check the Clearinghouse database before hiring a new employee and at regular intervals during their employment.

How to get back on road after the failed test?

CDL failed drug test can have serious consequences, including suspension of your CDL and potential job loss. Yet it’s not compulsory that you may not able to join the job again, what you need is the best drug test service provider as your third-party administrator to get through all.

goMDnow provide nationwide DOT drug testing services and can assist those who have failed a drug test. Our team of medical professionals can guide you through the return-to-duty process and ensure that you meet all requirements for reinstatement.

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