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Random Testing Consortium

It is necessary for transportation companies/employers to be DOT-compliant per year to continue their work progressively. Department of Transportation (DOT) along with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set some regulations to be followed by transportation companies of all sizes to check their compliance and criteria for meeting day-to-day normal activities. One of them is random testing consortium.

goMDnow offers DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium Services to manage your drug testing workload by making it affordable, easy, and rapid.

Consortium; an overview

The term consortium refers to the companionship between companies working on the same purpose or project sharing common interests.

What is Random Testing Consortium?

Department of Transportation (DOT) along with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set some regulations to be followed by transportation companies of all sizes to check their compliance and criteria for meeting day-to-day normal activities. One of the main requirements for all transportation companies is to randomly select a certain number of drivers for drug and alcohol testing within a year. For larger companies sometimes it is cost-effective to have a separate random testing pool, but for small companies having an independent random testing pool is not feasible and may not be cost-effective for owner-operators, it is FMCSA’s requirement to join a DOT random testing pool to be compliant for random drug testing.

For this purpose, various small companies and owner-operators are joined together to make one large pool (random consortium pool) to comply with DOT drug and alcohol consortium by performing alcohol and drug testing.

Learn more about How Random Testing pool works.

Random Testing Pool is important, why?

If you are managing a transportation company or you are an owner-operator, you and your drivers must fulfill the requirements put forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA).

It is important to perform random drug testing because of:

  • Effective testing of motor carriers and owners of companies.
  • Safety Purposes.
  • Avoiding huge fines due to violation of DOT and FMCSA regulations.
Who should look for Random Testing Consortium?

It is required for performing safety-sensitive functions and must be followed by:

  • Drivers (As per FMSCA regulations if a driver is functioning for two different employers he must be approved by testing for both of them separately)
  • Safety Purposes.
  • Employers running small businesses (Employing themselves as a driver in their company)
  • Medium to large-sized transportation companies
Why do Companies Need to Join DOT Random Drug Testing?

The consortium can ease the pressure by confirming that you meet DOT requirements, sometimes without actually testing any of your drivers. Random drug testing program requirements must be completed by the end of the calendar year. DOT drug and alcohol testing help transport businesses by:

  • Minimizing the management burden:

It simplifies the whole procedure of the drug testing program by managing a random testing pool and training staff for establishing/updating policies to meet the terms of legal changes, which reduces the company’s workload.

  • Lowering the chances of your employee testing:

Let’s suppose you are running a business consisting of less than or equal to 10 employees and the rate of random testing for your business is 50%, if you are not a part of a DOT drug and alcohol consortium you must randomly select 5 drivers every year for random drug testing to remain compliant, but by joining a consortium of more than 100 employees will reduce the chances of your employee being selected for testing yet your business will remain intact with DOT and FMCSA regulations.

  • Saving Employers Money

Like any other purchase, employers can save money by acquiring DOT drug and alcohol testing services in bulk. So if you are a small employer with only a few employees to test, the cost per unit will be much higher than a larger company with more employees.

If several smaller companies join services to form a larger pool of employees, it will reduce the cost per test and further save each employer’s budget.

  • Keeping Up-to-Date with the latest changes

A consortium with the latest information and knowledge will help in keeping the company/ employer up-to-date with the latest modifications in DOT regulations.

FMCSA and DOT Consortium Requirements

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an agency in the United States that was established within the Department of Transportation (DOT) with a mission to improve the safety of high-risk drivers by avoiding road accidents by implementing certain regulations.

  • Pre-employment negative drug and alcohol testing
  • Post-accident drug and alcohol testing of the employee
  • Drivers who are more suspected of drug abuse should be tested immediately
  • Annual report of a consortium with a rate of 50% for drug testing and 10% for alcohol testing
  • Employers who do not satisfy FMCSA requirements will be substance to civil and/or criminal penalties.
  • Employers can elect C/TPA – Consortium/Third Party Administrators to offer services on behalf of the employer after registration.

goMDnow Consortium Service:

We offer a wide range of online customer-friendly DOT random testing program services by making sure that they are affordable, convenient, easy, and quick.

How do we help our customers?

  • Joining goMDnow consortium services make you able to hire compliance specialists by making sure your plan is legal and fully managed
  • We allow employers to pool resources with other companies to keep the budget low
  • Our experts are always ready to familiarize truck drivers with the benefits of drug and alcohol testing.
  • We are attentive to DOT Consortium Service and can schedule your driver for a random drug test at any of our 15,000+ collection points across the United States
  • goMDnow’s in-house MRO and MROA staff make sure your drug tests are completed and results are released on time

Our Goals:

  • To keep your business intact with all DOT and FMCSA requirements at every stage of our process.
  • To provides the lowest prices to our clients with excellent customer services
  • To manage all the aspects of reliable drug and alcohol testing
  • Liberating our clients from worry and hassle by providing our professional expertise.
  • To support our clients with the necessary documentation in case of any Audit or other requirement

How do we work?

It is simply a three-step process to obtain a consortium enrollment certificate:

  • Sign up with goMDnow.
  • Add driver in the goMDnow system
  • Select goMDnow as C/TPA in FMSCA cleaning house

How to reach us?

We are just a click away (goMDnow) providing 24/7 online random consortium testing and other drug testing programs all over the United States using advanced track compliance at the company and employee levels.

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