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When you're asked to take a drug test, you face a big decision: do you say yes or no? If you choose to decline, some consequences follow. Let's explore what happens when you refuse to take a drug test.

Consequences of Refusal to Drug Test

It is crucial to carefully consider these potential consequences before deciding to refuse a drug test. The specific outcomes can vary depending on the circumstances, industry regulations, and company policies. Being aware of these potential results can help you make an informed choice and navigate the potential implications that may follow.

Refusing a drug test may cause:

Employment impact

Employers view drug testing as crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment, refusing a pre-employment drug test can have severe consequences, including job loss or disqualification from a position.

Legal Consequences

Licenses or certifications required for professional practice in fields such as healthcare or transportation may be revoked due to refusal to test, hindering career prospects.

Professional Reputation

Declining a drug test can tarnish an individual's professional image and hinder career advancement. Employers value a drug-free workplace and may view refusal as a lack of commitment to maintaining a safe environment. This negative perception can hinder future career opportunities

Possible job loss

Drug test refusal can result in termination of employment, depending on the employer's policies. Employees must familiarize themselves with their employer's drug testing policies to understand the potential consequences of refusing a drug test.

Return to Duty Process

According to FMCSA, if a CDL driver refuses to take a drug and alcohol test, they must go through the return-to-duty (RTD) process. This process involves completing an assessment and treatment program with a substance abuse professional (SAP) who is qualified by the DOT.


Refusal to drug tests carries significant risks and can have serious consequences. With studies indicating that 92% of employers conduct drug testing and 65% have terminated employees who refused, the data supports the notion that non-compliance can lead to job loss and disqualification from positions.

By violating company policies, undermining trust, and raising concerns about reliability, individuals who refuse drug testing put their employment at stake.

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