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Please Contact Us for custom plan and post paid monthly invoicing for companies with 40 plus active drivers/employees

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User must accept goMDnow consortium Agreement in order to continue
goMDnow provides Random Testing Consortium Service to manage your workload by making it affordable, easy, and rapid.
It is simply a three-step process to obtain a consortium enrollment certificate
  1. Sign up with goMDnow.
  2. Add driver in the goMDnow system
  3. Select goMDnow as designated C/TPA in FMSCA cleaning house
goMDnow will email your compliance certificate after these requirements are met.

It's the employer's responsibility to manage their drivers in goMDnow.
  • All active driver must be added in goMDnow for consortium program
  • Make the driver “Inactive” if the driver is no longer working for you. (Do not delete the driver)
  • Do “Pre-Employment” test before hiring any new driver
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