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goMDnow is a third-party administrator for DOT/Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing services.

Random Testing Program

All the drivers present in the random testing pool have equal chances of being selected through software. Therefore, drivers who got selected must have to provide their specimen within the time duration shared with the employers. Failure to do so will be reported as a refusal to drug test.

  • • Employers are responsible for removing their drivers from the random testing pool by inactivating the drivers who left their company from goMDnow system.
  • • A written proof must be provided in case the driver being selected for the test has left the company otherwise it will be reported in the clearinghouse as a refusal.


You must agree to these things when you create an account on our website:

  • The personal information you provide us is up-to-date, genuine, and authentic i.e., email id, address, contact details, etc.
  • Whenever there is any change in your personal information, you will update it in your account on our website.

If you use our website improperly or unlawfully or violate these terms and conditions, we have full rights to suspend or delete your account from our website.

Sale of Service

These Terms and conditions define the selling of services that our website offers. The following services are available on our site:

  • Enrollment in DOT Random Consortium
  • Enrollment in the Return to Duty (RTD) Program
  • Submit order of DOT/Non-DOT Drug Test
  • Submit order of DOT/Non-DOT Medical Exam


Auto-Renewal Subscription:

Our consortium program is a one-year subscription plan, which means an enrollment certificate will be issued for one year. Once your subscription expires you need to renew the plan. Provided that:

  1. The Client agrees to an auto-renewal subscription for continued access to goMDnow services and certification.
  2. Subscription fees will be automatically charged to the provided payment method on the renewal date.

To terminate auto-subscription, please proceed as follows:

  • After signing in to your account, open your profile (employer/ owner operator) and switch the auto-renew toggle off before the renewal date.
  • Call 980-202-1466 before the renewal date to cancel auto auto-renewal.
  • Charges are non-refundable if the subscription is renewed.


Payments will be processed in advance through a credit card.

  • By providing your payment information, you are giving us permission to use and access the payment method through which you do transactions and permit us to get your charge amount through it.
  • By adding a card on file, you provide permission to use the same card for future transactions.
  • Checking out as a guest will not store card information and requires the user to add card details each time submitting a new order.
  • You will receive the e-receipts of your transactions via email.
  • We have full right to reject or undo your transaction if we feel your payment breached any law or our terms and conditions.


We offer refunds of purchased services on our website under certain conditions:

If you cancel the drug test order (pre-employment, post-accident, etc.) within a day or two, you can request a refund or add the amount to your credit for future use.

A processing fee will be charged to refund the money to your card credit card

No money can be refunded once the services begin.


Rates are subject to change with or without prior notice due to various factors such as Lab costs, fuel surcharges, collection charges, etc.

Ordering Drug & Alcohol Tests

After the company signs up and pays the enrollment fee, it will take 3-5 business days to set a chain of custody forms.

Once CCF is ready, clients will be notified and can submit their drug test orders online.

The chain of custody form is valid for seven days and after that, it will expire.

Results will be delivered online to the same recipient who ordered a drug test.


For the sake of integrity, all the information regarding drug testing and results will remain confidential and will only be shared with designated employer representative, MRO and laboratories.

Consumer Protection Law

These terms and conditions will not limit your legal rights and remedies under consumer protection law in your area if there are any. All applicable laws and regulations must be considered when interpreting these Terms and Conditions and will not take a back seat to the requirements of that law if there is a dispute between the two.