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goMDnow offer DOT/Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium Signup $49.00/Year for unlimited Drivers Pre-Employment and Random Urine drug test for $69.95 each All Drug test will be performed under FMCSA regulations Got Positive ? Enroll in Return to Duty Program for $199/Driver Return to Duty & Follow up Urine drug test for $69.95 Submit your Non-Federal Urine and Alcohol test through goMDnow Instant drug test without signing up

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A consortium is an alliance of two or more groups or companies to share their resources for getting benefits. A consortium means multiple companies offering solutions under one shelter.

This is a random drug testing pool that consists of multiple companies. All administered employees from all companies have joined the consortium and are entitled to take random drug or alcohol testing.

The consortium stands for its associates to share appropriate expertise, knowledge, and skill in such a way that each business accompaniments each other.

The random consortium registers all costs of random and reasonable cause drug testing for each registrant, regardless of the number of times they are assigned to be tested during the year. Joining the consortium take in all out-of-pocket testing fees for the year, including:

Pre-employment testing

Random testing

Post-accident testing

If your company wants to join our consortium, goMDnow will spontaneously add new drivers to the random testing pool after a negative pre-employment drug test.

TPA is a company like Foley that runs drug and alcohol testing programs for DOT-regulated businesses.

goMDnow uses a computerized selection method to arbitrarily select drivers. We should use FMCSA-provided guidelines to select the number of drivers, 50% of which are drug tested and 10% breath-alcohol tested.

For motor carriers, the DOT random testing pool can only include drivers who drive in the United States, and requires laboratory testing of the following five classes of drugs.





The NON-DOT random testing pool encompasses of anyone who is not mandated by DOT regulations, but is required by company policy to be part of a random drug and alcohol program. Non-DOT drug tests can range from 5 sets of drug tests to 10 sets of drug tests.

A "random drug and alcohol drug test" involves selecting individuals unpredictably and without notice to test for the presence of drugs and alcohol. It's used to deter substance abuse, especially in workplaces, by preventing individuals from preparing for drug tests. This method aims to ensure fairness, safety, and compliance with substance-free policies.

For employees subject to FMCSA regulations, such as commercial truck drivers, random drug testing is required. The annual random testing rate for controlled substances is 50%, and for alcohol, it is 10%