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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is DOT consortium?

A consortium is an alliance of two or more groups or companies to share their resources for getting benefits. A consortium means multiple companies offering solutions under one shelter.

What is the DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium?

This is a random drug testing pool that consists of multiple companies. All administered employees from all companies have joined the consortium and are entitled to take random drug or alcohol testing.

What are the benefits of working in a consortium?

The consortium stands for its associates to share appropriate expertise, knowledge, and skill in such a way that each business accompaniments each other.

What is Drug testing?

Drug testing is the methodological investigation of biological testers such as urine, hair, blood, breath, or saliva to regulate the occurrence of a precise parent drug. The purpose of drug testing is to explore drug use and exploitation, as well as the use of any prohibited drug, such as cocaine or club drugs.

What is a DOT Physical exam?

The DOT physical exam is to estimate and test the comprehensive fitness status of the drivers who function in certain sorts of commercial vehicles on road. It is required by FMCSA to ensure the safety of the public on road.

What is BAT (breath alcohol testing)?

A breath alcohol test indicates how much alcohol is in your blood. This BAT measures the amount of alcohol in the air you breathe out. The device uses for tests to estimate the alcohol level in your blood.

Why do you need to join a random consortium?

The random consortium registers all costs of random and reasonable cause drug testing for each registrant, regardless of the number of times they are assigned to be tested during the year. Joining the consortium take in all out-of-pocket testing fees for the year, including:

Pre-employment testing

Random testing

Post-accident testing

How can we add a new driver to the random pool?

If your company wants to join our consortium, goMDnow will spontaneously add new drivers to the random testing pool after a negative pre-employment drug test.

What is a DOT TPA (Third Party Administrator)?

TPA is a company like Foley that runs drug and alcohol testing programs for DOT-regulated businesses.

What should I do if my driver tests positive?

You should do:

Drivers must see a Substance Abuse Specialist (SAP). SAP will conclude whether the driver needs medical treatment.

Drivers must complete a DOT return-to-duty test, which is confirmed negative.

Drivers must complete any follow-up tests recommended by SAP if any.

How random selection works?
goMDnow uses a computerized selection method to arbitrarily select drivers. We should use FMCSA-provided guidelines to select the number of drivers, 50% of which are drug tested and 10% breath-alcohol tested.
What is the difference between the DOT random test pool and the NON-DOT random test pool?

For motor carriers, the DOT random testing pool can only include drivers who drive in the United States, and requires laboratory testing of the following five classes of drugs.





The NON-DOT random testing pool encompasses of anyone who is not mandated by DOT regulations, but is required by company policy to be part of a random drug and alcohol program. Non-DOT drug tests can range from 5 sets of drug tests to 10 sets of drug tests.

Does every driver need a drug test?

Yes, according to the FMCSA, every driver should pass a negative pre-employment drug test before they can start driving on the road.

What type of drug test is commonly used?

Urine Test is the most commonly used for drug testing.

Can a drug test detect alcohol in the system?

Yes, drug tests can detect alcohol in the system 12 to 48 hours after drinking alcohol.

What is the process for providing a urine drug test sample?

You may have a urine drug test in a bathroom specially prepared for drug testing. You will receive a specimen cup from the person who performed the test. Urine into the cup. You need to produce at least 45 ml for your sample.

How long will it take to get results?

It all rests on the collection centers and labs, delivery of the specimen, the test center getting, processing it, and reporting it back to the clinic. On average, a negative result takes up to 48 hours. For any positive result, reporting times can differ extensively.

Why do I need to take a physical exam?

As required by the FMCSA, all commercial vehicle drivers must pass a physical exam to validate their capability to operate heavy equipment.

Do I need to bring my prescription to the checkup?

Yes, it is always a good practice to take all prescriptions for your physical exam.

Do different types of hair affect the effect of drugs?

No, any adequate hair sample from an individual's body should not affect any drug test results.