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In today's world, drug testing has become an important part of workplace safety, compliance, and productivity. But ensuring the accuracy and integrity of drug test results is crucial for both employees and employers alike. That's where a Medical Review Officer (MRO) comes in.

Who is MRO in medical term?

A qualified medical professional who is well-trained in substance use problems, the results of drug and alcohol tests, and how to interpret those results is known as a medical review officer (MRO).

As a licensed medical professional most commonly by Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC) and an expert in drug testing, the MRO serves as a crucial link between the laboratory that performs the testing and the employee being tested. They review drug test results, interpret medical information, and provide an objective and confidential evaluation of the results.

What is the Role of MRO?

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) has several critical responsibilities in workplace drug testing programs. Some of the main responsibilities of an MRO include:

Reviewing drug test results

The primary responsibility of an MRO is to review drug test results from the DOT-approved laboratory. They review the results to ensure that they are accurate and reliable and that any positive results are confirmed through a second test.

Evaluating medical explanations

If an employee provides a medical explanation for a positive drug test result, the MRO is responsible for evaluating the explanation to determine if it is valid. If the explanation is valid, the MRO will report the test result as negative. If the explanation is not valid, the MRO will report the test result as positive. It is a critical component of maintaining safety and avoiding legal and reputational risks.

Protecting confidentiality

The MRO is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the drug test results and all related medical information. They must ensure that the information is not shared with unauthorized individuals or entities.

Providing guidance and support

The MRO can help determine what happens next if a person tests positive for drugs or alcohol. They can help clarify the best course of action when an employee tests positive because they are extensively informed about a variety of drugs, illnesses, and addiction problems.

Ensuring compliance with regulations

In regulated industries, such as transportation and aviation, the MRO is responsible for ensuring that drug testing programs comply with all DOT and FMCSA regulations.


MRO plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of workplace drug testing programs. They are responsible for reviewing and evaluating drug test results, protecting confidentiality, providing guidance and support to employees, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

goMDnow understands the importance of maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace, and that's why we work with qualified and experienced Medical Review Officers (MROs) to provide comprehensive drug testing services. Our MROs are certified and trained to ensure the accuracy and reliability of drug test results, protect confidentiality, and provide guidance and support to both employers and employees.

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