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Pre-employment drug testing has become increasingly common in today's workplace. Employers require drug testing as part of their hiring process to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. The process involves screening potential employees for illegal drugs before making a job offer. However, for job seekers, it can be confusing and intimidating to navigate the process. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about pre-employment drug testing, from why employers conduct it to the different types of drug tests and what to expect during the testing process.

What is a pre-employment drug test?

A pre-employment drug test is used by some employers to check if job applicants have certain drugs in their system. It's often done using urine and hair or saliva samples. This ensures potential employees aren't under the influence of substances that might impair job performance or safety. Common in safety-focused industries, the testing policy varies by company and position.

Why do employers conduct pre-employment drug screens?

Employers conduct drug and alcohol testing to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Drug use can cause accidents, injuries, and absenteeism, and can reduce productivity. By testing for drug use before hiring, employers can prevent these issues and maintain a drug-free workplace.

What drugs are tested for in a pre-employment test?

The standard 5-panel test detects marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines (including MDMA and MDA), opioids (including heroin metabolites), and PCP. However, some employers may also include additional drugs, depending on their policies and requirements.

Are pre-employment drug tests legal?

Yes, pre-employment drug screening is legal in the United States. However, employers must comply with state laws and regulations, which may vary. Some states have restrictions on drug testing for marijuana, for example.

What happens if a candidate fails the drug test or refuses to take it?

If a candidate fails the drug test or refuses to take it, the job offer is typically revoked. However, employers must follow their policies and state laws when taking such actions.

Who is required to undergo employment drug testing?

Employers regulated by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) are required to conduct DOT drug tests for safety-sensitive jobs.

It is important to note that the DOT's drug testing program prohibits the use of marijuana, and testing positive for it will disqualify a candidate from a DOT federal job.

Stay Compliant and Safe

Pre-employment drug screening is an essential step for many employers to ensure they are hiring drug-free candidates who can perform their jobs safely and effectively. Job seekers should be aware of the impact that drug use and prescription medications can have on their ability to pass the test and take steps to ensure they are drug-free which can increase their chances of success in the hiring process and contribute to company safety.

At goMDnow, we understand the importance of staying compliant with state and federal regulations and help our clients with their drug testing needs by providing pre-employment drug tests, random testing consortiums, reasonable suspicion as well as smoothing out return to duty process.

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