Random Testing Consortium

What is Consortium

A consortium is an association of companies or employer groups that look to act as a unit to conduct Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing for members of the consortium. All owner-operators defined by any agency of the DOT (Department of Transportation) are required to find a compliant random testing pool. Basically, no least or an extreme number of employees are enforced to join a random consortium.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) approved a joint random pool and called on owner-operators to use this type of random pool. For communication, it is most important that employer members in the random consortium must follow the rules of the random consortium pool. It's value observing that in case employers who don't follow the consortium rules will be removed from the random pool.

goMDnow offers a full range of services that comprises reliable drug and alcohol testing, in addition, to associate services, saving you costs by eradicating the middleman. We will help you streamline the logistics of completing DOT drug and alcohol testing compliance so you can emphasize your processes.

We at goMDnow strictly follow all DOT passive values at all stages of our process. If you're not in Charlotte, NC, don't worry, we have great news, we offer an online drug testing program for customers in every state in the United States. We strive to provide a wide range of affordable drug and alcohol testing services to businesses of all sizes. goMDnow is one of the leading service provider organizations by means of advanced practices and assemblies such as our absolute online platform to manage and track compliance at the company and employee level.

Why do companies need to join random consortiums?

The consortium can ease this pressure by confirming that you meet DOT requirements, sometimes without actually testing any of your drivers. Random drug testing requirements must be completed by the end of the calendar year.

The best-in-class consortium provides expertise

When you join a consortium, not only do you hire compliance specialists to make sure your plan is legal and fully managed, but it also allows employers to pool resources with other companies to keep prices low.

A consortium reduces management costs for employers

The time elaborate in handling a compliant drug testing program is enormous. From managing a truly random testing pool and training staff to establishing/updating policies to meet the terms of legal changes, this is a lot of extra work for any company.

The Consortium Will Save Employers Money

Like any other purchase, employers can save money by acquiring drug and alcohol testing services in bulk. So if you are a small employer with only a few employees to test, the cost per unit will be much higher than a larger company with more employees.

If several smaller companies join services to form a larger pool of employees, that would reduce the cost per test and save each employer even more.

What are the FMCSA requirements?

FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is an agency in the United States that uses a consortium to complete random alcohol testing, FMCSA requirements are designed to improve safety and reduce obligations in trucking due diligence, federal and state carriers must submit proof.

Employers who miscarry to obey FMCSA requirements will be substance to civil and/or criminal penalties. Employers can elect C/TPA – Consortium/Third Party Administrators to offer services on behalf of the employer after registration.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration makes sure compliance with federal motor carrier safety and business regulations, using everything from pavement inspections and field audits to data scoring and enforcement actions to ensure America's roads are safe for the public.

As required by FMCSA, entry-level drivers must positively complete suggested model courses and driving instruction courses prior to taking the CDL Skills Test. This training must be provided by a school or other body listed on the FMCSA Training Provider Registration (TPR).

goMDnow can help companies build DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing programs.

  • Designated Employer Representative (DER)
  • Written Policy
  • Filing Regulations
  • Employment Background Check
  • Employee Education
  • Supervisor Training
  • Previous Background Check
  • Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

goMDnow’s mission is to provide the best drug testing solutions to meet varying workplace protection needs as drug abuse increases. Our main goal is to make DOT certification and drug testing informal for transport businesses of all sizes while serving them to fulfill DOT regulations. Our experts are always ready to familiarize truck drivers with some of the benefits of drug and alcohol testing. We are attentive to drug testing consortium management and can schedule your driver for a DOT random drug test at any of our 15,000+ collection points across the United States.

You demonstrate that you are a serious competitor in the trucking arena, ready to meet the terms of government requirements while providing excellent service.