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6 DOT Requirements For Truck Drivers

In the United States, trucking is highly regulated federally. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for making sure that laws are implemented by the trucking companies. This helps transportation companies and truck drivers to work legally without violating DOT rules and regulations and saving them from unfavorable outcomes.

The article will help you in understanding the basics of DOT guidelines, what should be the qualification of the driver, and the minimum age of the driver. By the end, you will be able to know the important considerations in the relevance of fleet management.

What are the requirements for DOT truck drivers?

The truckers who are required to be DOT compliant are issued with a DOT number that appears on their vehicles and documentation as proof of being registered with DOT.

1. Who should be DOT-compliant?

CDL drivers who must be compliant with DOT regulations and should get themselves registered for USDOT number are as follow:

Drug-free work creates a safe environment not only for the employer, company, and employee itself but for co-workers and clients as well. Substance abuse can impair an individual's ability to perform their job safely, putting themselves and others at risk.

  • Vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds
  • Having a capacity of 16 passengers
  • Carrying dangerous materials
  • Travel between the states

2. Age and Qualification of DOT truck driver

The minimum age for CDL trucking drivers is 21 years and the average maximum age is around 49 years. Driver must be able to read, write and speak English while having a high school diploma or equivalent education.

3. Keeping a background check

The DOT-compliant CDL truckers have to provide a clear DOT and state criminal record and submit it every 12-24 months so the history and background can be tracked.

4. Role of DOT hours of service rules

These regulations set time limits on how long drivers can be in the driver's seat and require rest breaks so that they are well-rested for the start of a new shift.

5. Fleet Compliance

  • Implement the latest FMSCA rules in the workplace
  • Keep a record of pre and post-inspection of the vehicle
  • Make sure the vehicle is allotted with a DOT registration number
  • Vehicle maintenance should be strictly observed
  • Separately, record incidents of each vehicle

6. DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

DOT requires alcohol and drug testing programs due to safety concerns for truck drivers. Any kind of mental and physical impairment regarding drug abuse can bear severe consequences. It includes random drug testing, pre-employment, post-employment, and sfollow-up drug test.

DOT requirements must be observed by CDL truck drivers while keeping in view the qualification, age, background check, fleet compliance, and drug and alcohol testing. The drivers must have skills, understanding, and knowledge so that any injurious incident may be avoided. Keeping the description brief, all DOT truck driver requirements are not listed yet as an overview to keep you adhering to it.

Contact us at goMDnow, to ensure that your transport business and truckers are completely compliant with all DOT requirements.

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