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Return to Duty means somebody failed a drug or alcohol test and they need to get back to work now which includes a complete assessment and drug testing. Employees who are regulated by the DOT (Department of Transportation) working as commercial truck drivers if positive will be terminated from their job and are required to go through an RTD process.

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Return to Duty Complete Process

All right! So, what does the return to duty process look like? Here’s a brief outline of RTD:

Steps of the Return to Duty Process:
  • Get a SAP Evaluation:

After failing a drug test, the employee/driver is assessed by a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) who is certified to educate, assess, and make a specific testing plan for the employee.

  • Complete SAP Recommended Treatment

After the assessment, SAP will direct the employee recommending one UDT return to duty with/without a breath alcohol test. Must read: Factors that can affect alcohol test.

That means under DLT (Dose-Limiting Toxicities), drivers have to go to a testing facility and it is a directly observed urine drug test collection, which means a same-sex observer goes into the bathroom with the donor to make sure they didn’t alter with the specimen. Learn about: Durg Cut-off Levels for DOT drug test.

  • Complete the Follow-up testing program

All right! What if drivers go back and start using drugs again??? That’s where the follow-up testing program comes in, SAP will recommend a minimum of six follow-up tests in the first 12 months.

A lot of people don’t understand this: if you fire a regulated employee, such as a truck driver, for failing a drug test, that doesn’t mean they can work for someone else right away. They have to go through the return to duty process before they are eligible to drive again.

Final Verdict:

Always keep this in your mind! When you’re hiring a driver and you don’t know their testing history, you must run a query about the driver from the FMCSA clearinghouse to check the background records and violations. This is very important because if you hire an ineligible driver then he may harm himself or anybody else. However, if you are searching for where you can get clear results of the RTD process, there is no other best option for you than to go for goMDnow RTD services. The services are open 24/7 with nationwide collection centers with the best care and support.