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eCCF or electronic Chain of Custody Forms have revolutionized the drug testing industry by offering a faster, more secure, and more efficient way of managing drug test results. In today's world, where time is of the essence, eCCF has emerged as a game-changer, allowing employers to obtain drug test results in a shorter period.

To maintain the integrity of the drug testing process, the DOT requires strict adherence to the chain of custody procedures. Understanding the role of the DOT chain of custody is essential for both employers and employees in DOT-regulated industries.

What is eCCF custody and control form?

eCCF stands for an electronic chain of custody form. It is a digital version of the traditional paper chain of custody form used in drug testing. The eCCF is designed to streamline and automate the drug testing process, making it more efficient and secure.

With eCCF, drug test orders can be easily placed online, creating a simple and convenient one-page order that applicants or employees can bring to the collection site. The collection site can then easily access the order in their computer system, and process the order electronically. This technology has revolutionized drug testing by providing greater reliability, and efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

What is the process of DOT eCCF?

The process of eCCF in DOT drug testing is similar to the traditional paper-based process, but with the use of electronic forms. Here are the steps:

  1. The employer or designated employer representative (DER) initiates the drug test request in the electronic system.
  2. The employee receives the electronic notification and goes to the designated collection site with a valid photo ID.
  3. The operator at the collection site enters the electronic test order into its system and verifies the employee's identity.
  4. The collection site provides the employee with instructions and observes the urine sample collection.
  5. The collection site electronically records the results and submits them to the Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  6. The MRO reviews the results and contacts the employee if necessary for any medical explanation of the positive test results.

If the test results are negative, the MRO verifies the results and reports them to the employer.

What are the benefits of electronic chain of custody?

Some potential benefits of using eCCF drug testing include:

  • More efficient and faster processing of drug tests
  • Reduced errors and increased reliability
  • Improved tracking and management of drug test results
  • Accessible from anywhere, allowing for remote ordering and testing
  • Reduced paper usage and environmental impact.

DOT Chain of custody in drug testing is a modern solution that offers many benefits over traditional paper forms, providing a more efficient, secure, and reliable way of conducting drug tests.

As a trusted third-party administrator for eCCF drug testing, goMDnow offers a seamless and hassle-free experience for employers and employees alike. With our extensive network of collection sites and advanced technology, we ensure accurate and timely results, helping you maintain a safe and drug-free workplace. Contact us today.

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